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Blancmange's Journal

Rampant longhaired hippy

24 October 1967
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I'm a rampant gay exhibitionist shaggy longhaired and bearded computer geek.

The right to be naked anywhere, any time is one thing about which I have a real bee in the bonnet. Sex is all good too. (Prudes don't like it of course, since they imagine all sex is as dirty, desperate and craven as sex between prudes and almost certainly have unhealthy issues with regard to their own bodies.)

I've love to have a harem of cute longhaired and bearded men to play with. Unfortunately for me, many gay men shave their hair off in order to look like young boys, slaves or catamites either to look more effeminate (and thus spoil the point of being male and homosexual) or to please their corporate bosses who favour displays of subservience more highly than productivity.

Still, I have quite a few straight longhaired guys to play with. In a way, they're like boyfriends in between the sex. In any case, they're more gay-friendly than most gay guys you usually find in a gay bar or cruise club.

Apart from looking for longhaired porn, I'm into silly computer stuff like programming in Delphi and being a total Photoshop bunny.

The sort of movies that appeal to me tend to be steampunk, dystopian future and dark, dry humour. Werewolves and naked longhaired men are a bonus. Zardoz, Brazil, The City of Lost Children (ISBN 0-7678-1106-2 is the best by far), Blade Runner, Cherry 2000, THX 1138, Dog Soldiers and the animé produced by Miyazaki are all my kind of films. Ignore the versions of Brazil an Blade Runner with the Happy Endings! [insert soul-destroying Family-Friendly Happy Jingles here]

Excuse me for a while, as I finish scanning this freezer bag filled with APS film rolls.